Welcome To Your
Virtual Workspace

The BraincaveVR platform allows teams
to collaborate in real time from anywhere
using shared virtual spaces. 

BraincaveVR combines the immersive power of virtual reality with the accessibility of web conferencing. Users can easily access the platform from a VR headset via a web browser. 

Collaborate with team members —
 Communicate virtually with voice and gestures. Spatial audio and 3d avatars emulate face to face meetings.


Interact with virtual objects —
 Use your hands to manipulate virtual objects in VR. Drag and position 2D and 3D content in your collaboration spaces.


Aggregate your data — 
Import your existing IT and data pipelines into VR. Locationally tag virtual objects with your imported target data.


Use Cases

•  Meetings, workshops, and reviews for team building
•  Shared interactive training scenarios
•  Locational data integration and visualization
•  Tradeshow demos for immersive sales presentations


•  Multi-platform access from VR 
•  Real-time collaboration from anywhere
•  Meet virtually in customizable 3D spaces
•  Customizable expressive avatars
•  Chat in VR with Push-To-Talk capability
•  Dynamic interaction with data

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Braincave is a team of experts that specialize in bringing online presence, education, training and workflow into Virtual and Augmented Reality.